Back Translation is the process of translating a document that has already been translated into a foreign language back to the original language. You’re probably wondering why you might choose to do that? There are two main scenarios. Firstly, in medical translations where the content is absolutely critical – for instance, drug trials – back-translation is often a regulatory requirement because it provides a level of reassurance about the accuracy of the translation. The second scenario is in Transcreation where it is used to allow the original creative team to see how their copy has been adapted for a new market.

PureFluent Back Translation

At PureFluent we have a fully transparent process which allows for compliance with any statutory auditing requirements, and as a critical supplier within this area we are currently subject to third party audit. The process is captured in our ISO 9001 QMS and allows itself to be adapted according to customer requirements. We even have a team of reviewers who compare the original with back translation on a line by line basis.

How our Back Translation Services will benefit your business

Back translation can:
• Improve the reliability of content such as research or creative copy in different languages through the verification by an independent translator.
• Offer absolute quality of translation to you and your audiences
• Help you to identify sensitive translation problems across cultures