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TK Maxx

Leader in a very focused retail market, TK Maxx are dynamic, proactive and aggressive, expecting their suppliers to react and support them according to the same speed and level of commitment that they enjoy internally.

Our bespoke ERP system allowed us to interlink all the separate users and departments to coordinate support material for the client in each and every project. We have serviced over 80 separate departments with 140 users in 5 countries. 309 separate projects were delivered within a year, covering all aspects of the business.

Project requirements were essentially for a few core languages, so long term bolstering of these teams was carried out, through test translations and mentoring we created a team dedicated to the large number of express projects the client generated. Direct contact between the dedicated translation teams and the internal language managers benefitted both the translations and our relationship. Terminology management was used to great effect in dealing with the combination of technical / operational text interspersed with company-specific jargon. TK Maxx also had direct access to their online termbase allowing them to add definitions and make any preferential modifications to terminology.

Whilst the demands of the client are great and their expectations similarly positioned, they are a fantastic customer who have engaged with us at every level, to allow us to be in the best position to deal with their requirements. Our harmonious collaboration is growing with both sides still benefitting as a result.