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Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an iconic fashion brand with high global awareness and a strong association in aspiration and quality. We have enjoyed a long relationship with our client but this transformed into a partnership four years ago when we started working closely with the company to replicate the focus and approach of the US and UK business within continental Europe.

High specification collateral was localized into key target languages, they covered the full range of activities from front of house to EPOS to back of house, stock handling, warehousing and distribution. Consideration was given to the numerous different labels within the brand, all of which must be translated appropriately according to the individuality of each label whilst still retaining the Ralph Lauren style and tone.


Dedicated teams were created for each language based on their specialism, to ensure continuity over reinvented material and to reflect the differing challenges of each project. A range of supplementary material was produced to provide support for the teams to complete the work to the highest possible standard, including style guides, brand voice of voice guides, training goals, company vision and a working glossary to capture those company specific elements that had to remain unaltered. We also set up a weekly query resolution session with the client to deal with any elements that required more context.


This journey began over 4 years ago and shows no sign of nearing its end.