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Dr Martens

PureFluent  has collaborated with Dr Martens to produce a full localised, French version of their dynamic English e-commerce website. Dr Martens, which has an expanding global retail portfolio operating in the UK, United States and across Asia, are world renowned for their distinctive, high quality boots and shoes.

In addition to the creation of a range of support material, we worked closely with the website manager to organise communication links with the dedicated translation team to maintain client satisfaction and ensure accurate depictions of content. Early partial delivery of the project proved useful for the client, as well as the end context beta site review, which permitted all final checks to be made and any preferential changes to be implemented.

Successful launch of the French pilot website has resulted in the roll out to other new destinations and further development of our close relationship with Dr Martens. “I would like to thank all the team for the very great job done“ Website Manager, Paris