Sometimes human translation is simply not an option because of volume, time constraints and budget. If this sounds like your situation, you should consider Machine Translation as an option. If your only other option is not to translate the content at all, Machine Translation will save your customers the trouble of using Google Translate, and will generally do a better job because the solution is built using your own Translation Memories.

PureFluent Machine Translation

Don’t confuse Machine Translation with free translation tools like Google Translate. Machine Translation (or MT) leverages large volumes of existing human translation for a specific vertical market (for example, retail) in order to automatically translate new content. Machine Translation is most successful when MT “engines” are trained with large Translation Memories which are specific to your own products and services. MT also works best with repetitive texts which follow a similar structure and use the same terminology.

Machine Translation is often used by customers who have very large content libraries which are often updated – for instance, large online product catalogues. MT will never give you the same result as high quality human translation, but it does allow you to put large volumes of content into your customers’ language fast and at a very low cost per word.

Our team of experts will assess your requirements to help you decide whether Machine Translation is the right for you.  Depending on your requirements you may choose to add human post-editing or proof-reading but rest assured that your dedicated project manager will help you get the best value out of your translation budget.

How our Machine Translation Services will benefit your business

  • Large cost savings can be achieved for certain content types when using machine translation
  • Using machine translation enables you to save time when translating large texts
  • PureFluent uses translation memory to improve both the performance and accuracy of your translations