If you’ve been managing localisation projects for a while, you’ll know how tricky terminology can be. Whether it’s a product name or a tag line, it’s got to be right every time. There are two watchwords here: “Accuracy” and “Consistency”, and getting either of these wrong can cost serious money. Hence Terminology Management: it’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s critical to making sure that your audience understands and engages. (By the way, this isn’t just a translation challenge – you’d be amazed at how much inconsistency we see in source copy!)

Left unmanaged, terminology inevitably becomes inconsistent;  sometimes leads to competing straplines and company missions; and is likely to adversely affect SEO performance. A centrally managed terminology approach can also reduce the time and resource needed for reviews across the organisation as well as enhance audience experience.

The PureFluent terminology process allows us to quickly and accurately focus on critical terminology and ensure that it gets the appropriate attention.

Getting terminology right involves three steps:

  1. Identifying key terms, core messages and possibly ambiguous terms
  2. Making sure the translated term is correct in the context of the specific industrial sector, target group or market.
  3. Ensuring consistency with previous texts, maintaining the use of the selected term and core messages across different documents for different departments in the organization.

How our terminology services will benefit your business

Our dedicated approach ensures:

  • that critical terminology is translated correctly
  • that terminology is used in a consistent way across a series of translations and departments.
  • that your audiences will be reading accurate and appropriate translations in any language.