The translation process can seem daunting. And with so many translation agencies out there, how do you decide who to pick? Here are a few pointers to get you started

First off, getting the right team of translators is key.

  • Make sure that they are experienced and degree qualified, because they’re going to have a direct impact on your brand and products.
  • The agency you pick should have strong processes for recruiting, assessing and monitoring the performance of their translators.

Next, remember the importance of proofreading.

  • A second pair of eyes is invaluable in ensuring that the text reads right and is accurate.
  • Check whether proofreading by a second translator is included in the price.

Now consider the complexity of the project. Think about the number of documents and file formats you’re working with, then figure on having up to 4 different people involved for every language you’re having translated.

  • There are some complex workflows involved, so make sure the agency you pick has got robust processes and technology to help them manage those workflows.
  • Preferably, make sure they have ISO9001 accreditation or similar – it’s good evidence that they can handle this complexity.

Finally, remember that good translation goes beyond just translating the words.

  • The translation team need to understand your brand tone of voice and your key terminology – so be prepared to invest some time to make sure that they’re getting these aspects right.
  • And make sure the agency you pick has the technology to deliver against these requirements.