Reaching your audience in a new market is often about more than simply translating your content. You’ve probably done a great job of creating content for customers in your “home” market, but step outside and many things may need to change. Here are a few things you should think about, aside from straight translation.

Firstly, ask yourself whether your original content is appropriate for your customers in Germany or Japan. Who are they, what are the trends in their market? Is the witty banter you’ve written for the UK market going to trigger the right reaction in the US? Especially for your most critical text – for instance your Home Page or Signature Brochures – consider using a Transcreation service. We can help you adapt those critical texts using Transcreation specialists in each of your target markets to ensure your words hit the spot.

You also need to consider page layout for your DTP formats like InDesign. What works for English may not work for German where words are often much longer. We have DTP specialists who are native speakers of your target languages, so we can adapt your layout so that your brochure looks right for all of your customers.

If you’ve already got videos in English, you’re probably wondering whether to “get them translated” for your target markets. It’s worth remembering that research shows that customers are much more likely to buy from you when presented with content in their own language, and that maxim applies to Video content too. We can help you by getting your content transcribed and translated, and then adding foreign language Subtitles, Dubbing or Voiceover to your videos.

Finally, remember that you need to tackle SEO separately for each target market – and that means more than simply translating your keywords from English. Only an in-market SEO specialist really knows which keywords are going to have the most impact. Once we know what those keywords are, we can ensure that they’re used appropriately within your translations.