So you’ve got that brochure looking great, and the copy is just right. Now you need it in German, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese. How hard can it be?! Well, aside from the usual translation challenges, DTP formats present their own challenges when translating content. For instance, German words are often significantly longer than English, so you often need to alter the layout to accommodate the translated text – or adapt the translation to fit the layout. And if you introduce a line break on the wrong Kanji character, the text no longer makes sense to a Japanese reader. We can help you overcome these challenges so that your translated brochure looks right and reads right in each target language.

PureFluent DTP (Desktop Publishing)

At PureFluent we offer a full multilingual DTP service and can work in all of the usual formats such as InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher and Quark.  We can reformat your designs after the project has been completed but we are also happy to provide the files back with the text populated to allow your designers to do the final formatting.  We can complete any DTP work from start to finish but if you want to involve local reviewers in the process, we can incorporate them within our workflow.

How our DTP (Desktop Publishing) services will benefit your business

Our DTP expertise means that you can relax, safe in the knowledge that:

  • Your translated material will not only be technically accurate but also culturally appropriate
  • You can trust us to accurately adapt your translation into any multilingual font or typeset