Local or International SEO?

If you have reached this blog post then you are probably already aware that SEO is a really important part of keeping a website high in the Google search rankings and ultimately increasing your business sales. However, what you may not be aware of is that there is a difference between local and international SEO.

The difference between international and local SEO

The fundamental elements of SEO remain within each of these types, in that you aim to improve your website’s content by using keywords to target a specific market. So really, the difference in the definitions between the two is very much what it says on the tin; local is aimed at the local markets while international is for the global ones.

The Specifics of Each Type

International SEO is for companies who want to offer their goods and services on a global scale. We have found that that this is most common in retail and ecommerce businesses. The principles are the same as SEO on a local scale – key words are hugely important but the intricacy arises in the detail , knowledge and understanding of a variety of cultures and languages –the content needs to appeal to multiple audiences.

Local SEO is usually used in smaller businesses or in businesses that want to appeal to very specific local markets. In this instance the SEO specialist will understand the SEO complexities of the local market that they are targeting – the keywords are very specific to the local language. This approach creates a very targeted campaign for a business but it does limit the exposure of that particular website.

What some people also don’t know is that different countries favour different search engines, so it is important to engage with an SEO consultant who understands what a respective country’s preferences are.

Undoubtedly there are pros and cons with local and international SEO, the most important thing is that from the start you engage with an international SEO expert who can help you choose the right option for your business.