Kirsty Lappin

Sales Director

Kirsty has been with the company for over six years.  She is one of the management team, leading on sales strategy and also looks after new business for the UK & Ireland. She has a wealth of business experience in sales as well as having a good grasp of the demands facing businesses working internationally.  Kirsty is not a fan of the word ‘sales’ and tries consciously not to sell to clients. As cliched as it may sound, Kirsty is a problem solver and nothing gives her greater pleasure than helping a client overcome a language related challenge in their global expansion. Her main focus is Retail E-Commerce and is able to bring one of her hobbies to work, namely online shopping! Kirsty

Kirsty is a full-time working mum to two young children, and is back in the PureFluent fold after her break for maternity. An exciting adventure and probably more demanding than anything we can throw at her at work.